Project & Engineering Services

project engineering

You are under constant pressure to find new ways of improving performance and efficiency throughout your operations. GE Intelligent Platform's Project and Engineering Services network is dedicated to helping you do that, with advanced engineering solutions to meet your greatest manufacturing and business challenges. Whether utilizing our considerable in-house resources or one of our top-notch support partners around the globe, GE Intelligent Platforms can design, implement and maintain a best in class solution that meets your needs.



Technical & Commercial Project Management

Services to help manage your entire project life cycle, with engineering professionals that are agile, innovative and trained to help you solve your greatest manufacturing and business challenges.


Application Engineering

Experienced, knowledgeable service professionals with a first-hand understanding of your specific industry or environment:


System Integration, Deployment & Commissioning

Services to simplify your most complex system requirements throughout implementation.


Post Installation Application Support

Services to support your application on an ongoing basis once it's installed in your facility.

Automation Partners

GE Intelligent Platforms forms alliances with industry-leading systems integrators and OEMs who have proven skill sets and complementary technology application expertise, following technical, operational and quality evaluations.


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