Like you, our solutions can handle any extreme

Hardened environmental specifications


Avoid hazards. Increase productivity


Low power consumption


We support innovation


Your equipment needs to work in excessive temperatures, all levels of moisture — even withstand durations of violent movement. That’s why GE control systems package the most advanced capabilities available into hardened cases built for any extreme.


You want functional control, but safety needs to be built in as well. GE can help you manage tank-to-well throughput while proactively watching for pressure fluctuations and other potentially hazardous changes.


Reducing operational energy costs while also saving time in deployment outshines all other benefits, and GE offers both in the form of integrated solar power that enables continuous operations 24/7 in locations that are truly off the grid.


From startups to full-on operations, we can provide technical and maintenance support to your enterprise that’s unmatched in the industry. With years of experience supporting the world’s leaders in oil and gas, GE has proven on-site service and support to ensure continuous operations together with continuous improvement.



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