Keeping safety and reliability in sync with profits.


Stakeholders looking for increased profits must comply with even more stringent regulatory and safety needs aimed at protecting both the environment and human life.
Additionally, increased environmental challenges coupled with exploration and transportation from increasingly distant fields, have created a need for control and monitoring systems that can reliably operate in a wide range of situations. For decades, GE Intelligent Platforms has been providing safe and reliable solutions to the Oil & Gas industry. Our field-hardened products can reduce the costs of acquiring and managing system data — allowing the information to be readily used in making critical business decisions.

Integrated Control & Safety Systems (ICSS) from GE Intelligent Platforms provide a rugged platform capable of field mount in extreme environments ranging from –40° C to +70° C. The TUV approved SIL2 systems are simple to operate and maintain while offering enhanced diagnostics as well as tight integration with HMI/SCADA and Proficy Workflow.

Such features enable the digitizing of standard procedures, thereby reducing human error and variance while leading to increased safety and reliability.


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