Protect your people, your assets and your bottom line

Increase safety and reliability


When doing more with less is SOP


Decrease your risk with dependable assets


A trusted partner supporting you every step of the way


Engineered for continuous operation and backed by years of experience in the industry, our solutions will work non-stop to reduce your operational costs. Beyond proven dependability, GE systems offer built-in monitoring of potential hazardous conditions — giving early warning of potential problems so you can protect your people and assets while complying with safety and environmental regulations.


From initial capital investments to daily operating expenditures, you can reduce costs with GE Intelligent Platforms controllers that offer integrated control and safety, hardened environmental specifications and low power consumption. Your staff can also benefit from remote diagnostics and other advanced capabilities that reduce on-site inspections, provide dedicated monitoring and allow for quick deployment — all of which free your staff to focus on other projects.


You need field-operation assets to do more than simply perform. You need them to do so with a high level of integrity, safety and efficiency. GE can help you achieve this with years of experience and technical innovation in control systems. Not only do we offer unmatched reliability and long-expected system life, but also tight integration with our Proficy Software Suite for a higher level of integrity, monitoring and automation.


Wherever oil and gas extraction, storage, transportation or processing is taking place, GE Intelligent Platforms is there. With years of experience in technology, service and support, you can put GE to work for your organization knowing we understand the challenges you face because we face them everyday, too.



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