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Consistent, Efficient, and Accountable Water Operations

Utilities face aging infrastructure, declining revenues, increasing regulations, and retiring workers—challenges that require them to plan and work smarter than ever before. But it’s a struggle because information and systems are disconnected.

At GE, we understand your challenges. Combining advanced technologies and deep industry know-how, our proven water-wastewater solutions drive greater efficiency, consistency and accountability throughout your operations. Thousands of utilities rely on us for intelligent water operations that optimize performance and maximize return on investment.






A Holistic Water Solution Built on Connectivity

For smarter faster decisions across your utility, you've got to be connected to your equipment, your processes, your data and your people—anytime and anywhere. GE solutions deliver on this need, optimizing every aspect of your water operations for high performance in today's connected world.

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Optimizing Water and Wastewater Operations via the Industrial Internet

By Alan Hinchman, Global Marketing Director,
GE Intelligent Platforms

Enter the world of water utilities: aging infrastructure, declining revenues, increasing service level expectations, and regulations. What's more, resources for water and wastewater capital programs are limited, making it difficult to carry out infrastructure modernization, expansion, and technology upgrades.

How can you address these critical challenges while delivering the best return on investment to ratepayers or private sector investors? Chances are, you cannot easily raise water and sewer rates or purchase new equipment.








Consistency starts
at the controller


A modern control infrastructure is critical to drive information, uptime, flexibility and long equipment life throughout your operations. Our powerful lineup of high performance PACSystems controllers is rugged and reliable, featuring:

  • High availability redundancy
  • Expandable open architectures
  • Upgradeable CPUs

And our distributed I/O utilizes PROFINET to maximize efficiency and data dissemination. It's designed to be ultra-fast and easy to set up. With this type of I/O flexibility, you can connect to a full range of I/O, from simple discrete to safety and process I/O to meet your needs.

See how GE water solutions enable business as usual during a natural disaster for a water plant in Virginia.




Improve visibility into
your plant operations


Better visibility leads to better decisions. Our Proficy Historian is a powerful enterprise-wide data historian that collects, archives, and distributes tremendous volumes of data at extremely high speeds. It contains extensive security capability and reporting tools for better monitoring, control and regulatory compliance.
Historian and real-time data can be presented graphically with our Proficy HMI/SCADA – iFIX software so operators can visually monitor and control treatment processes and equipment. They can also trend operational and process data and monitor alarms for quick identification and resolution of issues. Like a window into your operations, it enables you to clearly see what's going on.

See how Proficy helps Waterford aggregate its data to understand how their assets are operating and quickly and easily troubleshoot issues.




Improve performance with predictive analytics


To truly understand your operations, you need to dig deeper into your data. Our Proficy Monitoring & Analysis software collects and analyzes data from water-wastewater treatment, pumping and other process and equipment. It helps make sense of the data, turning it into insight. You can optimize processes, troubleshoot process problems and monitor process health with our solution’s predictive analytics.

Plus, with Proficy Mobile, you can extend your control room with real-time operational intelligence (RtOI) on mobile devices. Operational data everywhere can be securely transformed into actionable knowledge, anywhere anytime. Imagine the information you need delivered intelligently to you in the right context, by role and location. That’s the power of Proficy Mobile.

See how the City of Haverhill, Massachusetts leverages GE water solutions for better visibility, fast troubleshooting, and lower costs in its water plant.




Drive consistency through work process management


Consistent and efficient operations are critical. As experienced operators continue to retire, you’ve got to mitigate the loss of institutional knowledge. You need to guide operators with information-rich, circumstance-based tools to ensure tasks are completed on time and the right way every time.

Our Proficy Workflow software enables every operator to be an expert. It captures and digitizes your work processes. It guides your operators with step-by-step instructions for each task and automatically walks them through corrective action. And it creates electronic standard operating procedures (eSOPs) to reduce variation in performance, cost, and quality.

Find out how GE Proficy software guides operators for more consistent processes, faster troubleshooting, and minimized risks.







Platform convergence

Leverage your business and automation investments through integration


How can you ensure timely and consistent problem resolution? How can you capture labor, equipment and material needed to complete the work? With our Proficy Workflow solution, you can connect your business platforms such as Computer Maintenance Management (CMMS) to automatically deliver eSOPs and Work Orders to operators.

GE solutions enable you to integrate your business and automation platforms to leverage their capability, lower operating costs, respond more quickly to changing needs, and ease training. You can empower operators to create solutions, without demands on IT. And replicate systems faster across your utility—lowering implementation costs, decreasing risk, and speeding completion time.

Improve your consistency, efficiency and accountability with GE solutions for water—enabling collaborative information with a holistic approach.







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