Starter Kits

Starter Kits

Change can be hard. That’s why we developed starter kits that are specially designed for upgrading your control systems. Our state-of-the-art components provide plug-and-play convenience — plus, for a limited time, we’re offering deep discounts on starter kit hardware, and throwing in the operating software for free! 

Get on the road to improved connectivity, productivity and reliability — modernization with GE means reduced migration cycle time, minimized conversion risk, protection of your intellectual property and improved performance at startup. Get your machines looking into the future and connected to the Industrial Internet. Take advantage of this special offer and buy now.


Starter Kit Number


RXi Controller

PACSystems RXi Controller Starter Kit
High-performance controls for distributed applications

The PACSystems RXi high-performance distributed I/O controller platform features the COM Express form factor to maximize modularity, simplicity, and portability. As chips evolve, simply insert new technology with “plug-and-play” ease, minimal disruption to operations, and no loss of critical data. PROFINET connectivity facilitates advanced data management, and Intelligent Display Module provides configuration and maintenance functions at the controller without software.


RSTi Starter Kits
Compact distributed I/O ideal for OEMS and system integrators

The RSTi compact, distributed I/O delivers long-life, higher performance solutions that are easy to configure, manage and upgrade. PROFINET connectivity offers high-speed I/O throughput to hundreds of third-party devices. Decentralized I/O system eases disassembly and re-assembly with standard Ethernet cable instead of hundreds of wires. Granular design allows “right sizing” of application, minimizing cost and panel space.


RXi IPC Starter Kits
Industrial PC runs plant-wide applications

The PACSystems RXi industrial computing platform delivers compact, rugged, high-performance computing capabilities to run HMI, historian, and analytics applications right at the machine, enabling improved real-time control of operations and better integration into plant-wide systems. Its COM Express modular CPU platform enables easy upgrades, and industrial-grade components and fanless design provide reliability in harsh environments.



RX3i Starter Kits
Modular control for high availability & motion applications

The powerful, modular PACSystems* RX3i controller features a single control engine and a universal programming environment for application portability across multiple hardware platforms and deliver a true convergence of control. With integrated critical control platforms, logic, motion, HMI, process control and high availability based on GE Reflective Memory technology, RX3i provides both performance and flexibility.

a VersaSafe Distributed I/O Starter Kits
Distributed safety system for machine builders

The VersaSafe family of PROFINET- based safe I/O provides a scalable, modular, and distributed safety solution. The VersaSafe system combines the simplicity associated with entry-level safety solutions with the flexibility, performance and diagnostics capabilities of high-end solutions. The VersaSafe system handles stringent machine safety requirements (up to SIL3 compliance), while VersaConf programmer provides a secure, easy-to-use graphical programming environment.

Need to trade-up?

Have older GE control products or parts hanging around? Trade-up and let us help you drive increased productivity with today’s high-performance technology. 

Need help?

Let a GE engineering team assess your current assets and recommend solutions to increase your operation’s performance. Find out more.


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