Automation Hardware Training

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Automation Hardware Training
GE Intelligent Platforms automation hardware training features course material to improve employee work practices and productivity. Our courses are available and tailored to customer needs and specific systems.


Classroom Training

Name (click for North America training) Duration Brochure
Controller Maintenance - Logic Developer PLC 3 Days Download Download
Controller Programming - Logic Developer PLC 4 Days Download Download
Operator Interface Programming - QuickPanel & View 3 Days Download Download
Proficy Logic Developer PLC Machine Edition 4 Days Download Download
PAC8000 Basic Training 4 Days Download Download
PAC8000 SafetyNet Workbench Training 2 Days Download Download
PAC8000 IEC Logic Training 2 Days Download Download
Proficy Process Systems Fundamentals 4 Days Download Download

*    *    *    Available by request only, for onsite delivery    *    *    *

Proficy Logic Developer PC and View 4 Days Download Download
PACMotion Fundamentals 3 Days Download Download
Series 90-30 Programming with VersaPro Part 1 4.5 Days Download Download
Series 90-30 Programming with Logicmaster Part 1 4.5 Days Download Download
Series 90-70 Programming with Logicmaster Part1 4 Days Download Download


Online Training
(available globally via EDGE)

Name Duration Brochure
Getting Smart on QuickPanel+           free of charge 1 Hour Download Download
Getting Smart on RXi Controllers          free of charge 1 hour Download Download
Industrial Networking with PROFINET            free of charge 1 Hour Download Download
Controllers Quickstart 1 - Projects and Targets            free of charge 1 Hour Download Download
Controllers Quickstart 2 - Controller Configuration 1 Hour Download Download
Controllers Quickstart 3 - Controller Logic Programming 1 Hour Download Download
Controllers Quickstart 4 - Controller Communications 1 Hour Download Download
Controllers Quickstart 5 - Controller Download 1 Hour Download Download
Controllers Quickstart 6 - Monitoring Applications 1 Hour Download Download
Programming Quickstart 1 - Ladder Diagram (LD) Programming 1 Hour Download Download


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