Smart Grid Solutions



A Progressive Approach

Set the right strategy with our unique smart grid roadmap, which is customized to leverage your existing technologies and meet your specific goals.


Operations Management

Visibility into the electric system can help utilities reap huge rewards when coupled with the remote control functions available from advanced SCADA and historian capabilities that enable real-time data collection, dynamic data display, and secure operator supervisory control. .


Lifecycle Management

The high costs of a new substation transformer and long order lead times justify dedicated planning considerations for utility equipment. Continuous monitoring of assets maximizes the odds of ensuring the high level of equipment availability, enabling a predictive reliability-centered maintenance strategy that helps utilities proactively manage the health of their assets.


Grid Information Manager

Utilities that have access to a single view of all of their grid information management functions can gain a strategic advantage with holistic and comprehensive insight needed to make intelligent, timely business decisions. Information is power that drives continuous improvement—optimizing grid management for financial sustainability.


Load Management

Utilities that can forecast loads and how controllable system loads will respond to load management signals are better positioned to make strategic decisions that provide greater value for the utility by reducing wholesale costs. Powerful analytics and advanced trending, modeling, and reporting are critical to helping utilities more effectively predict and balance customer loads.


Knowledge Management

Considering that 40% of U.S. electric linemen will be eligible for retirement by 2013 and 45% of engineers could leave electric utilities by 2015, there is a critical need for utilities to combat the potential “brain drain” that could occur. Knowledge management provides real value for utilities by digitizing standardized operating procedures for faster troubleshooting and more consistent, reliable operations.


Proficy Grid Manager Solutions

With rapid change taking place in the energy industry, it has become imperative for local utilities to move toward a modern energy infrastructure and more intelligent, cost-effective grid.


The Smart Grid for Smaller Utilities

To effectively implement Smart Grid technology, utilities must consider all Smart Grid functions as a system and develop a long-range plan that includes the information technology needed to make the various functions of the Smart Grid attainable.


Defining the Smart Grid

This paper discusses four Smart Grid functionalities that are critical to helping utilities move toward a modern energy infrastructure, enabling grid optimization and financial sustainability.


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