RSTi Distributed I/O Starter Kits

The RSTi distributed I/O is part of our High-performance platform strategy that leverages industry standards along with our experience in embedded technology and automation to deliver long-life, higher performance solutions that are easy to configure, manage and upgrade.   The RSTi is supported by a wide range of discrete, analog, motion and specialty modules.

The RSTi decentralized I/O addresses the challenges of high installation overhead cost and lack of granularity of a centralized I/O system. The RSTi provides a high-performance distributed I/O network that reduces the high cost of field wiring. The distributed nature of the RSTi enables a machine builder to design in sections with distributed I/O drops closer to the field devices.

Decentralized I/O systems are easily disassembled and re-assembled with a standard off-the-shelf cable verses hundreds of wires coming back to a central control cabinet. The compact RSTi I/O line allows the user to “right-size” the application. Right-sizing minimizes cost and panel space. I/O expansion is simple with the slide and lock design.

Low cost Starter Kits with over 55% savings off list price

The following starter kits are available at a special low price.   The starter kits are limited to one type per customer site.  The RSTi is ideal for OEMs and Integrators that are looking to reduce their labor and installation cost.  The RSTi is the controller independent with over 10 network interfaces coming available in 2012. 

Each Starter Kit includes the following:

  • Innovation Flash Drive that includes manuals, software tools, CAD drawings and much more.
  • RSTi Slave Network Interface with the following I/O modules
    • (8) 24VDC positive logic inputs module (ST-1218)
    • (8) 24VDC source outputs module (ST-2328)
    • (4) 4-20ma current inputs module (ST-3214)
    • (2) 4-20ma current outputs module (ST-4212)





starterkits RSTi PROFINET Starter Kit


List Price: $1093.00
Sale Price: $495.00*

List Price: € 753.33
Sale Price: € 339.00*

starterkits RSTi PROFIBUS Starter Kit List Price: $1093.00
Sale Price: $545.00*

*Global pricing available upon form submittal


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