Renewable Energy Solutions

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Many of today’s global energy-generating capacity relies on GE Intelligent Platforms’ advanced technology solutions and deep industry insight to help them build and sustain a competitive advantage.

With increasing global demand for cheaper, cleaner sources of energy, operators must uncover additional efficiencies to gain a competitive edge. It’s imperative to drive improved energy production and reduce costs while addressing standards for regulatory security compliance. Achieving this high level of performance requires leveraging real-time intelligence across your energy installations for efficient operational response.

GE Intelligent Platforms understands your needs, and we’ve successfully partnered with OEMs and energy operators globally to meet these challenges head on. Our advanced automation solutions convert your critical data into knowledge—enabling you to control, manage and optimize your renewable energy assets in a secure, scalable and integrated environment.

SCADA solutions for renewable Energy

To help operators and technicians manage and optimize remote assets, our Proficy-based SCADA solution can manage multiple assets from a centralized location. Based on years of proven experience of remotely managing a fleet of GE Turbines, GE Intelligent Platforms has developed robust solutions that are scalable and secure to help you optimize asset performance.

Our solutions enable you to get the required information to the right people at the right time for intelligent decision making. In addition to delivering technical acumen, our solutions deliver the information you need for your tactical operations, financial operations, and critical analysis and optimization.

Tactical operations encompass the typical traditional SCADA functions: presentation of key parameters, trending of key parameters, alarm and diagnostic information, operations of set points and exception management.

Financial operations enable information integration with financial and billing systems; typical information includes grid delivery, grid quality and non-revenue energy or non-productive asset time. Financial and operational information can be transferred to systems such as SAP, enabling greater insight on performance.

For analysis and asset optimization, our Proficy Production Management Production Intelligence solutions provide advanced multi-variable analysis, long-term multiple asset comparisons and auto-optimization algorithms, in addition to standard interfaces for maintenance packages—providing improved performance visibility.

Our focused areas of expertise for OEM’s

Delivering proven solutions that help streamline your energy operations and enable improved control, management and optimization of your renewable energy assets.

Wind power
With the fast-growing demand for wind energy and the increased use of wind turbines in environmentally challenged locations, it is critical to implement solutions that offer reliable and secure monitoring and operating of assets. Our range of solutions meet requirements for the control of wind turbines, including pitch control and operational management, both tower or nacelle based.

Biomass - Biogas
For biomass, we offer reliable and cost-effective solutions for boiler systems up to 2 MW through complete waste incineration plants up to 1 GW. For smaller biomass boiler systems, our Versamax controller combines ease of use with incredible processing power that allows advanced control algorithms and integration into a centralized SCADA system. For larger biomass energy plants, our Proficy Process Systems provides a single integrated solution for the fluidized bed boiler, steam turbine and auxiliary control.

For capturing and converting biogas energy, Proficy Process Systems is a scalable solution for biogas energy applications between 1–10 MW, providing easy integration of a biogas power plant control system with the treatment facility control system, especially for anaerobic water treatment plants.

High accuracy, minimal maintenance and long life expectations are key for solar tracking systems used in both Photovoltaic and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) installations. Our PACMotion motion controller accurately follows the sun solution with no need for re-calibration for both single axis and dual axis systems.

Our experience in marine and offshore applications helps suppliers of tidal & wave installation to deliver reliable automation solutions. Reliability is one of the key factors why suppliers of Tidal energy equipment turn to GE Intelligent Platforms for their automation solution. The PACSystems is a flexible control solution where the application can be developed using object oriented programming based on IEC61131-3 languages with the option for function.


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