GE Intelligent Platforms' Connected Controls architecture layers high-performance controllers, open protocols and software to connect machines, processes and people. With GE automation software and solutions, you can optimize the performance of your operations and harness the power of the Industrial Internet. From our web-based Equipment Insight solution that provides Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) to our Proficy Process Systems scalable hybrid process control solution, GE's Connected Controls software tools minimize development and deployment time and improve the profitability of both OEMs and end users while delivering more power at the point of control.

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Machine Edition

Universal development environment for GE Intelligent Platforms operator interface, motion and control applications.

Supported Platforms
PACSystems, QuickPanel, Series 90, VersaMax 

Proficy Process Systems

Complete Hybrid Process control solution integrated with GE Intelligent Platforms PACSystems and PAC8000 controller families.

PAC8000, PACSystems 

The Equipment Insight solution harnesses the power of the Industrial Internet by making cloud-based data collection, analysis and management simple and affordable for OEMs and their customers. This integrated hardware/software solution enables OEMs to improve asset performance, enhance customer experience and create new service models. Find out how this Industrial Internet solution is enabling equipment manufacturers.

Universal solution/controller brand independent. 


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