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Optimize your manufacturing processes

Improve your productivity with greater efficiency and cut costs by monitoring and managing the execution of your production orders. Proficy Tracker helps you track each serialized item that moves through your production or packaging process, providing detailed, continuous information for the best decisions.

Drive lean manufacturing

You’ve got to lean production based on real time and changing constraints throughout your manufacturing facility. That’s where Proficy Tracker comes in. It helps you achieve a smooth production flow with products built right the first time. Understand the real-time sequence requirements, and handle situations that occur on the plant floor when the sequence is broken.

Improve inventory, production orders, and routing materials

When you can monitor the progress of each unit, part, carrier, and container moving through your production facility, you can effectively accommodate a variety of production flow adjustments. Proficy Tracker helps you manage inventory, production orders and routing materials with detailed data—empowering your operators with real-time information and control of their operations.

In short, Proficy Tracker helps you better manage your manufacturing processes and production orders.


  • Optimize manufacturing flow with greater efficiency
  • Reduce waste, setups, and rework
  • Enable lean production environments, including Build to Order, Build to Sequence, Build Right First Time, eKanban, and Dynamic Finite Capacity Scheduling
  • Improve production assembly, packaging operations, and container management

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Datasheet Proficy for Manufacturing Discrete
Manufacturing Execution Management Software
Datasheet Proficy Tracker
Proficy Tracker
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