Proficy Real-Time Information Portal

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Leverage critical production data in context

  • Improve quality and efficiency with access to production data
  • Enable real-time decision support
  • Drive continuous process improvements

Gain critical business insights from all of your plant data in real time with connectivity to your plant data. Proficy Real-Time Information Portal can help you.

Manufacturing Intelligence Framework

Gain unprecedented access to data and control over how to visualize and analyze it—all in a simple, easy-to-use and near-zero-maintenance environment. As a pure web-based software application, Proficy Real-Time Information Portal provides robust analysis, visualization and reporting capabilities.

Critical operational visibility

Proficy Real-Time Information Portal applies sophisticated trending, graphical presentation and statistical analysis to all of your online data. With this visibility, you can leverage unique organization-wide views and insight into how your plant is operating—and more importantly, how to improve it.


Proficy Real Time Information Portal 3.5 Now Available

Real time production data where and when you need it

Proficy Real Time Information Portal 3.5 is now available and the new release offers some key functionality designed to improve the overall customer experience

The release includes the following New Features:

1)      Display Variables

Introduces variables at the display level. Variables can be dynamically set from display components such as a combo box selection. Variables can also be driven by values returned from a stored procedure or a SQL select statement. Proficy Real Time Information Portal displays expose variables as input and output parameters such that variables can be initialized before loading a display through hyperlinks or symbols.

2)      Parameterized Data Sources

Users will have the ability to create parameterized Data Sources. This will allow the ability to seamlessly switch data sources on a display greatly reducing development time allowing re-use of screens.

3)      Configurable Pen Names

Custom names can be given to pens in a chart making it easier to track the pens in the legend.

4)      Expression Pen Names

Users can modify pen names used in expressions to be more meaningful making the creation of expressions more intuitive.

5)      64 Bit OS Support

Proficy Real Time Information Portal will run in WOW mode on 64 bit Operating Systems. Proficy Real Time Information Portal is a 32 bit application that will continue to run on 32 Bit Operating systems.

6)      Performance Improvements

Performance improvements were added to allow faster startup of Proficy Real Time Information Portal as well as better performance when dealing with large amounts of data.

  Type Title
Datasheet Proficy Real-Time Information Portal
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