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Lacking a single point of connectivity? Having to enter data in multiple systems? Facing customer delays, stock outs, or too much inventory? With Proficy Open Enterprise software, you can connect your enterprise systems to the MES layer for better visibility into your operations and real-time decision making to achieve sustainable advantage.

Proficy Open Enterprise provides bi-directional communication between the production layer and the enterprise layer—increasing visibility into your operations and providing the insight needed for better, faster business decisions. Key benefits include:

• Real-time visibility onto the plant floor from upper-level business systems
• Maintenance of up-to-date schedules on the plant floor
• Integration of disparate systems, avoiding data entry in multiple places
• Faster time to market
• Improved responsiveness to customer needs
• Reduced inventory costs

Bi-directional communications
As a single point of connectivity, Proficy Open Enterprise allows decision makers at the enterprise level to leverage real-time production information for better business decisions, and for plant operators to leverage business information to improve fulfillment and operational efficiency.

Real-time visibility
The business layer can receive information on the status of orders, and the production layer can manage schedules and modifications—allowing the enterprise to adjust its output on a real-time basis. Providing real-time visibility into the production process, Proficy Open Enterprise supports Production Schedule and Production Performance messages.

Seamless connectivity
Built on top of a service oriented architecture, Proficy Open Enterprise connects the enterprise layer to GE Intelligent Platforms’ Proficy software suite. Information can be stored within Proficy Workflow’s ISA-95 model and/or routed to other applications such as Proficy Plant Applications for fast, informed decision making.

Key features:
• Real-time synchronization between production and business systems
• Single point of integration for bi-directional communication with the Proficy suite of software solutions
• Standards based (B2MML and S95) for quicker deployments
• Out-of-the-box tools for quick time to value
• Flexible interface to ERP systems

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New out of the box templates

Support in the product for Material information allow2s users to communicate information about material, material classes, lots and sublots between the ERP and MES layers. Additionally information about Work Definitions bring information about what needs to be built into and out of the MES layer.

64 Bit Support

Take advantage of 64 Bit Operating Systems support for improved scalability and performance.

  Type Title
Datasheet Proficy Open Enterprise v1.2
Delivering visibility from the top floor to the shop floor
White Papers Integrating Your ERP and MES to Improve Operations
Advanced enterprise integration applications enable companies to leverage real-time information exchange between the business layer and the production layer to increase operational efficiency.
Customer Stories Waterford Township Department of Public Works
Proficy Workflow links systems and standardizes workflow procedures to mitigate the loss of institutional knowledge due to workforce retirements

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