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Maximize throughput and asset availability

Process variability and surprise equipment failure may be hindering you from optimizing throughput, recovery, and asset availability. You need the right information at the right time to catch problems early and maximize your mining operations.   

The Proficy MaxxMine solution can help. It is an advanced and proven remote monitoring & diagnostic software solution that combines process and asset optimization in a single offering. The software helps you make timely and accurate decisions that balance process performance with equipment health. And it helps you shift from costly reactive maintenance to efficient planned maintenance.  


The Proficy MaxxMine software gives you the information you need to manage all your critical mining assets.  The software’s patented predictive analytics can accurately detect and diagnose impending problems long before they happen, up to ten weeks before other systems. The results? Improvements in throughput from 1-10% and asset availability from 1-15%. 

Our customers report ROI in six to twelve months--and over 95 percent renew their subscriptions every year, attesting to the continuing value and service they receive. 

How does the software work?

The Proficy MaxxMine software helps eliminate the silos of activity that can exist in a mining operation. Typically, on the maintenance side, the team wants to keep the equipment in mint condition, without considering production, while, on the process side, production is pushed to the maximum without taking into account the wear-and-tear on the equipment.

But both sides need to work together to achieve operational objectives. The Proficy MaxxMine integrated operations platform coordinates both the maintenance goals and the process targets. It balances process performance with equipment health and enables a unified deployment of business goals.

The platform provides a continuous, global view of a mine, with the ability to zoom in on specific sites down to the asset level--including mobile assets, fixed assets, and process circuits of any OEM.



For every piece of equipment and every process, the software provides exception-based notifications of equipment anomalies and process variations and inefficiencies. The actionable alerts include impending problem, apparent cause, priority, and associated detail, and are updated as conditions evolve.  This information allows everybody on the combined equipment and process team to understand status of equipment and processes at all times and to collaborate on final diagnosis, solution, and knowledge capture. 


When it sees an impending problem, the Proficy MaxxMine solution sends a notification to all the people who need to know--with a brief summary of the problem, priority, diagnosis, key tags, and values.

Consumable and practical

There are two ways to consume the Proficy MaxxMine solution. You can host the solution at your premises, or GE can host the solution for you and provide monitoring services remotely through our Availability & Performance Center  This center, located outside of Chicago, monitors over fifty sites and 4000 assets worldwide every day – over 100,000 signals every ten minutes. The center’s experienced monitoring engineers and senior operations engineers validate all impending equipment and process issues and communicate closely with customer team members to share knowledge, investigate and resolve all problems, and track activity.

In all cases, our domain and analytics experts will implement, scale, and maintain your software to ease implementation, integration, and everyday use and help you obtain value quickly and optimally.


  • Higher throughput and recovery  
  • Increased asset availability
  • Greater process efficiency and product consistency
  • Reduced maintenance and energy costs
  • Supported globally by GE Mining  
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Brochures Proficy MaxxMine
An all-in-one, real-time, 24/7 solution that helps you make timely and accurate decisions that balance process performance with equipment health.
Customer Stories Large Global Mining Company
Global Mining Company Increases Fleet Availability from 70% to 85%

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