Proficy Maintenance Gateway

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This product was discontinued on 06/01/2014.

 Upgrade Your Business to 1st Class with Data-Driven Maintenance Operations
- Proficy Maintenance Gateway helps you drive the right maintenance strategies for optimum health of your plant assets—and your business

Discontinued (EOL)
This product has been discontinued (end-of-life) by GE Intelligent Platforms. Click on the tabs below if you require documentation, software, or support. If you have questions about this product, or any other GE Intelligent Platforms product, including migration support to the latest design products, comparative price benefit of latest products, or evaluation needs for latest products, please contact us.

whitepaper imageProficy Maintenance Gateway helps you avoid costly equipment failures and reduce asset maintenance costs by supporting your maintenance operations with the real-time manufacturing intelligence from Proficy Plant Applications.

The award winning software application ensures that your maintenance operations are integrated into your company’s journey toward operational excellence by synchronizing your Maintenance Department’s activities with the ever-changing realities of the plant. The product can scale up from a simple condition monitoring system to a sophisticated orchestration solution to help maximize asset utilization and reliability.

Moving from Reactive to Reliable


Proficy Maintenance Gateway tracks and helps you reduce the Mean-Time-To-Repair in “corrective maintenance” cases while working continuously to monitor usage of equipment and automatically ordering “preventive maintenance” orders for improved performance. Also of note, the product is designed for maintenance and/or production personnel – there is no code to write and no need for IT programming or orchestrations.
Out-of-the-box EAM connectors to SAP and MAXIMO accelerate deployments and reduce your time-to-value to days rather than weeks or months. And, the newly enhanced rules engine offers more flexibility for time-based meters and status updates of Work Orders to the control system.
Proficy Maintenance Gateway empowers you to:
• Reduce equipment failure rates and unplanned downtime
• Improve first-pass quality and reduce waste
• Reduce turnaround time for repairs and planned maintenance costs
• Improve reliability and uncover additional capacity
• Track and manage reliability plans with rules and aggregators, including total uptimes or availability of individual equipment over a period of time
• Implement Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) strategies with increased analysis and refinement of RCM rules

 The Proficy Plant Applications Family

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Proficy Maintenance Gateway v2.0 extends the proven capabilities of the product by providing new features and capabilities that include:

  • A new Automatic Measurement Point Update module to integrate directly with metering measurements in your Enterprise Asset Management  (EAM) system.
  • Enhanced write-back functions from the enterprise to the plant systems allowing updates to be triggered based on the status of the work order . This can be used to reset accumulation meters in control systems or the trigger for notification systems.
  • Updated Plant Applications adaptor to connect to v4.4.1.
  • New EAM adaptor for SAP XI to allow connectivity to the SAP PM module.
  • New EAM adaptors for MAXIMO® v6.2 and v7.1 ( as well as the existing connectivity to v5.2).
  • New Enterprise data filtering for downloaded information from the EAM system being viewed in the Proficy Maintenance Gateway web viewer.
  • Improved Import / export capability to make it easier for bulk configurations.
  • New database backup / restore capability.
  • Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 support.
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