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CIMPLICITY is a client/server based visualization and control solution that helps you visualize your operations, perform supervisory automation and deliver reliable information to higher-level analytic applications. With CIMPLICITY, operators and engineers have the power and security to precisely monitor and control every aspect of their environment, equipment and resources. The results: faster responsiveness, reduced costs and increased profitability.

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Now Available - CIMPLICITY 9.0! Click here to learn more.

CIMPLICITY allows your operators and management team to make more informed decisions with its real-time visibility technology along with actually making the change through its proven and robust control engine. The whole team can manage certain parts of a factory, a whole plant or globally – from any location! CIMPLICITY also provides a powerful Digital Graphic Replay (DGR) 2.2 add-on recorder which lets your team go back in time and graphically analyze events that occurred in the past. CIMPLICITY delivers great value with a focus on ease of use for the manufacturing and process domains.


  • CIMPLICITY is a proven scalable solution for any environment
  • The Digital Graphical Replay add-on feature provides the ability to replay historical events and troubleshoot faster
  • Wide variety of options including SPC
  • Long history of providing enabling tools to upgrade legacy apps (even from unix)
  • .NET scripting support that supports and C# and the ability to run side by side existing Basic scripts
  • Support for 100's of servers in the architecture
  • Foreground and background task capability
  • Wide variety of native drivers
  • Proficy Tracker integration
  • Historian Integration with support for historian expressions in scripts and animations
  • Zero Configuration full functionality Web Viewer

CIMPLICITY delivers:

  • Powerful full featured client interfaces
  • Capability to extend system easlily
  • API access for specific behavior
  • Integratation with ERP and other external systems
  • Powerful Visual basic style language
  • Ability to use existing IT infrastructure
  • Ability Map domain users to roles and resources in CIMPLICITY
  • Reduced Administration through innovative features
  • Native drivers and OPC device connectivity


  • Webspace* 
  • AlarmCast
  • Marquee Manager
  • Change Approval (eSignature)
  • Statisical Process Control (SPC)
  • Digital Graphic Replay (DGR) 2.2
  • I/O Drivers
  • Recipe Option
  • System Sentry
  • SmartEye
  • Terminal Services
  • WebView
  • ThinView CE
  • Pager
  • Action Calender
  • Cluster Support
  • Integrators Toolkit

Note: With CIMPLICITY Version 9.0, GlobalView transitioned to Webspace. When upgrading to Version 9.0, simply install Webspace instead of GlobalView, and your functionality will be maintained. The licensed GlobalView clients will be transitioned to Webspace clients without any loss of functionality or client counts.   

What's New in Version 9.0? Click here to download the Version 9.0 Datasheet!

Proficy  HMI/SCADA – CIMPLICITY Version 9.0 brings a set of new capabilities that enable you to develop better applications, improve your operators’ experience, extend the reach of existing systems, and take advantage of the latest OS and interoperability technologies. Some of the exciting key new features in Version 9.0 are:

  • Improved configuration capabilities reduce time to value through richer context
  • Structured data enables Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI)
  • Better interaction with new, richer protocols
  • Improved operator experience and reduced alarm noise
  • Enhanced collaboration between operators and quality teams on process anomalies with SPC annotations and XY plot enhancements
  • New OS support minimizes risk of obsolescence
  • New object library for a richer user experience
  • Long point names allow 256 characters for building a structured database quickly
  • .NET/WPF support in CIMPLICITY Viewer
  • New Unified Webspace for your choice of clients – iPad®, Android™ and browsers
  • Proficy Historian for SCADA included – a unified trending engine

What's New in Version 8.2?

  • New Navigation Configuration tool with bar, tree or tab style user interfaces
  • New CIMLayout tool to setup multiple screens within a display with independent load and update cycles.
  • New AlarmCast option for notification to a variety of devices including mobile phones, blackberry’s, PDA’s and fixed data receivers
  • New Marquee Manager for displaying data on a variety of Andon boards
  • .NET scripting support that supports and C# (note: ability to run side by side existing scripts)
  • SCADA publishing to SOA to trigger Proficy Workflows
  • Historian Expressions within scripts and animations to enable operators to have analytical information on demand
  • Alarm Change Approval (esignature)
  • Multi Session Digital Graphic Replay Support, High Speed Reflective Memory Driver & more!
  • Windows 7 & Server 2008 R2 64bit WoW support


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Proficy HMI/SCADA-CIMPLICITY 8.0 What's New data sheet
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Customer Stories Blaser Swisslube AG
Manufacturing, filling and storing cooling lubricant with skill and precision: Process visualization saves money and protects the environment.
Customer Stories Formellino Wastewater Treatment
With PACSystems and CIMPLICITY, Formellino Wastewater facility optimizes process efficiency, improves its water purification process and water quality, and attains measurable results, including a 30% energy savings.
Customer Stories Formellino Wastewater Treatment-Italian
With PACSystems and CIMPLICITY, Formellino Wastewater facility optimizes process efficiency, improves its water purification process and water quality, and attains measurable results, including a 30% energy savings.
Customer Stories Great Northern Paper
Ethernet networking brings monitor and control system to hydroelectric stations
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Mekorot, Israel’s National Water Company, provides 70% of all water and 80% of the drinking water for the country. Mekorot sought to reduce production costs through improved energy efficiency and tighter process control.
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Pfizer Newbridge created outstanding business value by moving away from islands of automation using an integrated automation strategy from GE
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Powerful visualization for premium tire production at Pirelli Deutschland GmbH – Breuberg location
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Solution Spotlight: Wellhead Control
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Shanghai GM Taps GE, CIMPLICITY to Drive Turnkey Automation Solution at New Plant
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Toll Brothers Builds on the Flexibility of PROFICY* HMI/SCADA – CIMPLICITY* to Meet the Needs of Today’s Housing Market
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California firm manufactures energy efficient refrigeration systems utilizing proven technology from GE Intelligent Platforms
Training Proficy CIMPLICITY Advanced
Training Proficy CIMPLICITY Fundamentals
Training Proficy CIMPLICITY Introduction (v6.1)
Training Proficy CIMPLICITY Scripting

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