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The "Industrial Big Data" Historian

Have I ever seen this start-up sequence in the past 10 years…over my entire fleet of assets? If so, what happened?

How do I optimize the performance of my fleet of 50 similar assets by comparing their performances…over the past 12 months…or 5 years?

These are the kinds of questions you now can answer…with our Industrial Big Data historian: Proficy Historian HD.

Proficy Historian HD is the first time-series data historian built on Hadoop. It is capable of analyzing not just data, but Industrial Big Data.

It goes beyond the abilities of commonly used software tools to capture, curate, manage, and process much more data—years of data—at extremely high speeds—and to compare the data across time and across the enterprise.

Comparing years of historical data to real-time data allows for a myriad of analysis possibilities. This solution gives your Data Scientists the tools they need to detect trends and patterns never before possible—to better compare assets across the fleet and over long periods of time—to better understand how equipment and processes are running vs. how they should be running.

The groundwork established by Google, Yahoo, and Facebook in Big Data now can be leveraged in the industrial sector to manage the exploding “Industrial Big Data.”  To remain competitive and to move beyond, move up to the only historian that can provide answers to the above questions…and the benefits that result.  

Find out how to enable your business with Industrial Big Data by watching our webinar.

How big IS big?

The figures below—from just one of many machines that produce a personal care product—underscore the sheer volume of data created by industrial companies.  


152,000 samples per second

9 million samples per minute

545 million samples per hour

4 billion samples per shift

13 billion samples per day

4 trillion samples per year

40 trillion samples over ten years


With commonly used software tools, most companies can analyze only a few hours or days of this data. But with Proficy Historian HD, they can track years of this data and compare data across similar machines, detecting patterns and trends never before seen.


  • Uncovers intelligence that would otherwise be locked away in the data.
  • Can leverage advanced predictive-analytic and process-optimization tools.
  • Helps optimize asset health and maximize product quality and yield.  
  • Lowers costs, using the cloud.
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Brochures Proficy Historian HD
Proficy Historian HD provides the advanced Big Data management capabilities upon which analytic and visual capabilities are built.
White Papers E-zine: The Advantages of Enterprise Historians
The Advantages of Enterprise Historians vs. Relational Databases
White Papers Smart Affordable Condition Based Maintenance Tools, Technology and Services
This paper examines the maintenance challenges facing DoD, the goals of the CBM+ initiative, and the revolutionary potential of cloud-based predictive analytics for military maintenance applications.
White Papers The Rise of Industrial Big Data
Leveraging large time-series data sets to drive innovation, competitiveness, and growth—capitalizing on the Big Data opportunity.
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Training Proficy Historian Quickstart: Administrator
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