Proficy Historian Analysis

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Maximize the value of your historical data

  • Better accessibility to data, with easy-to-find tags for analysis
  • Faster responsiveness, with quick discovery of causes for process inefficiencies and upsets
  • Smarter decisions, with data available from anywhere with Web access
  • Increased collaboration of information among users and shifts

As companies are forced to do more with less, the imperative to make process improvements is more critical than ever.

Web-based accessibility

Disparate client interfaces, informational models, and multiple roles and responsibilities often create silos of information that limit visibility and make collaborating and driving process improvements difficult. GE’s Proficy Historian Analysis (PHA) is an easy-to-use Web-based tool that breaks through these silos, allowing you to get immediate value from your Proficy Historian process data. By viewing the data within trends and within context of your plant data model, you can determine root cause and take action.

Powerful analytic capabilities

Designed to turn your historical data into information you can act on to improve your processes, PHA helps you visualize and troubleshoot your processes through powerful analytics. Thus, you can close the gap on process inefficiencies.



Proficy Historian Analysis enables you to easily find the needed tags for analysis and create trends to show how the process behaves. You utilize your plant production model to group and find tags by characteristic (temperature, pressure, etc.) or asset/process mode, and drag them onto the trend, drop multiple tags on a trend chart, and display multiple trend charts at one time. Simple but powerful editing tools allow you to set up your displays to unlock the meaning behind your data, which you can save as a Favorite for immediate recall or to be shared with others.


You can create reports from ad-hoc analysis sessions or from saved analysis Favorites. You also can add more elements as needed to suit your purposes--e.g., text, graphics, and tables--with an easy-to-use Report Editor. Reports can be run against specific time periods and can be saved as report Favorites as PDF or Word documents for further collaboration and storage.


offers best-in-class direct connection to Proficy Historian, allowing quick time-to-value and the opportunity to capitalize on the full potential of your historical data. This includes support of Historian sampling modes, data types, and chart filtering.


A view is provided into the Historian Alarm & Event database. Users can visualize an active Alarm grid, search for historical alarms and events, analyze alarm data, create manual alarms, and add and view Alarm Notes created by users of both Proficy mobile and desktop devices. For example, an engineer on Shift 1 may notice unusual behavior in a process using a trend of key process data. That engineer can create a manual alarm for that process, assign it to a specific piece of equipment, attach Historian tags to the alarm, set up a custom display for those tags, save the display to the alarm as an Alarm Favorite, and inform other team members through Notes so they can perform additional analyses.


Providing convenience and ease-of-use, PHA content is viewed through the Proficy Vision Web Server so the client can be used wherever there is Internet access, enabling you to troubleshoot processes flexibly and making it easy to collaborate within a plant or around the world. The Proficy Vision Web Server allows for organized displays, so you can organize content the way you want, whether that means tying content to a piece of equipment or within a specific area of the facility. That content could be structured data, such as ERP, EAM, MES, or SCADA, or unstructured data, such as social media content, spreadsheets, newsfeeds, etc., for a convenient, one-stop view.


The application allows you to easily connect to multiple Proficy Historians and see live data out of the box with minimal configuration.


Designed to turn your historical data into information you can act on to improve your processes, PHA helps you visualize and troubleshoot processes through powerful analytical capabilities. Gain maximum value from your data today with PHA to drive continuous process improvements for a long-term competitive advantage.

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