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Consistency may seem boring to some – the same thing day after day. Consistent plant operations, that's exciting!  Consistent source water, operator knowledge, flow rates, all adding up to efficient and predictable plant operations.

With Proficy for Utilities - Water Operations, you can use electronic Standard Operating Procedures (eSOPs) to document proper processes, transfer knowledge, and drive consistent operator actions - reducing errors and risk. With step-by-step instructions, every operator is an expert.

Learn how GE's Water Operations solution, based on Proficy Workflow, is helping the team at Waterford Township, Michigan.

Most plant operators lack clear procedures and rely heavily on personal experience, which produces inconsistent results. Across the operations team, that inconsistency gets multiplied – especially as your best operators retire and you have new operators with little experience.

With Proficy for Utilities – Water Operations, you can easily document processes, transfer knowledge and drive critical consistency and predictability into your plant. You can digitize manual and automated processes with one tool across your entire facility – from plant operators and maintenance teams to field crews and leadership.

Less Emergencies, Fast Troubleshooting

Operators want the right information to do their jobs, and they don’t want to call you in the middle of the night or interrupt important meetings. With documented processes and eSOPs, every operator is your best with step-by-step instructions guiding the right actions.

Condition-Based Asset Management

With GE’s Water Operations solution, you can also bridge the gap between Operations and Maintenance – finally achieving real-time, condition-based asset management. When an out-of-spec event takes place in the SCADA, Water Operations can trigger a work process to interface with the CMMS system, secure a work order number, send specific instructions including GIS location information to an operator, and facilitate the correction action to remediate a problem. Water Operations can then close out the work order with the CMMS, whether plant or GIS centric, and record the actions taken for historical records. You can reduce the need for operators making scheduled rounds and device readings – and automate the process of moving from condition detected to creating work requests and the right corrective action. That means less downtime, maintenance, risk – and lower costs.

Drive the Right Actions - Across Every Operator

  • Step-by-step instructions guiding the right actions – to reduce downtime, maintenance and costs across operations
  • Capture knowledge of your best operators before they retire
  • Alarm response management for corrective action and faster troubleshooting
  • Centralized operator interface, integrating your software systems including SCADA and CMMS
  • Automatic issue escalation, as needed – such as an email to the plant manager
  • Record and track work processes – generating reports for optimization, performance evaluation and regulatory compliance
  • Link documents to task steps
  • Library of water / wastewater eSOPs such as:
    • Filter Operation
    • Turbidity
    • Security
    • Pump Station – Count, Runtime, Inspection
    • Caustic Chemical Feed
    • Chlorine Applied and Delivered Chemical Feed
    • Coagulate Chemical Feed
    • Fluoride Chemical Feed
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Datasheet Proficy for Water Operations
Customer Stories Waterford Township Department of Public Works
Proficy Workflow links systems and standardizes workflow procedures to mitigate the loss of institutional knowledge due to workforce retirements

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