Proficy for Discrete Manufacturing

GE Proficy for Discrete Manufacturing, MES software

Our Proficy for Discrete Manufacturing software

A production management solution—helps you anticipate, collaborate and orchestrate responses to dynamic operational conditions. And you can do this with greater agility and precision. The solution fully digitizes your processes, providing real-time connectivity, operational visibility, and standardization.


Lean manufacturing in the age

of the Industrial Internet

From Henry Ford's moving assembly line to Taiichi Ohno's Toyota production system, now known as lean production, manufacturers globally have constantly strived to make their operations better.

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WEBINAR: Digitizing Complex Discrete Manufacturing
Processes to Accelerate Your Competitiveness

Are you ready to take the MES digitization journey? As your business operates in an increasingly global and competitive business environment, digitized processes are enabling companies to achieve lower costs, higher quality, and faster production.
  EZINE: Lower costs. Higher quality. And faster production
As a complex discrete manufacturer today, you're part of multi-faceted, fast-moving supply chains in an increasingly global and ­competitive ­environment. Orchestrating the movement of parts and components around the world is an intricate process, especially as constant change becomes the norm.



GE Aviation uses Proficy manufacturing software to optimize operations VIDEO: Learn how GE Aviation is using Proficy for Discrete Manufacturing software
Digitize your production processes, driving productivity and efficiency in your manufacturing operations with GE Proficy.

Connected Manufacturing
- Driving Faster Design to Delivery


Digitizing discrete manufacturing processes with MES to drive lower costs DATASHEET: Proficy for Manufacturing Discrete
GE's Proficy* for Manufacturing Discrete (PfMD) 6.2 is a powerful MES software solution for complex discrete manufacturing environments. It takes your manufacturing execution to the next level through complete digitization of paper-based processes—helping you stay competitive.

See the benefits of connecting your PLM and MES processes in this demonstration of GE Proficy and PTC Windchill. Connected manufacturing drives faster design to delivery.



Reduce WIP, manufacturing costs

without compromising quality

GE’s proven software solutions enable manufacturers to address a big shift underway. Success increasingly relies on broad, secure access to cross-enterprise information, timely and relevant insights for all roles across the enterprise, and collaboration and communication.


EZINE: Understanding WIP in Complex Discrete Manufacturing

A Guide to Leveraging MES and Optimizing WIP

Many complex discrete manufacturers are investing heavily in improving WIP performance and the heat is on to achieve dramatic and timely improvements. This e-zine by LNS Research provides a comprehensive approach to MES and how to secure the gains achieved with Operational Excellence.


Key Industries


Produce products faster

- Enable single piece flow manufacturing

- Improve throughput

- Reduce lead times

- Balance workloads

Reduce WIP

- Enable JIT material delivery

- Free up floor space

- Reduce cost of inventory

- Realize true eKanban

Gain tighter control on quality

- Standardize proven processes

- Eliminate process waste

- Reduce rework

- Meet regulations

Streamline your supply chain

- Eliminate supplier bottlenecks

- Integrate execution and quality



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