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Proficy DataMart reaches deep within your manufacturing operations across your business to provide a single, unifying view into operational performance, reducing the time, cost and complexity of developing sophisticated ad-hoc reports and analysis. 

Proficy DataMart strengthens Proficy’s Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) capabilities which provide one of the core pillars of the Proficy software suite and complements the hundreds of existing reports, views and analysis tools within Proficy  Plant Applications.

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The Proficy DataMart solution provides critical production-centric information to the knowledge users in your plants and across the enterprise. It supplies access to the real-time, contextualized production information vital to your strategic and operational success.
It enables users to serve themselves to the real-time production data Proficy Plant Applications has converted into meaningful manufacturing intelligence. Its high performance KPI roll-ups and drill-downs integrate data across multiple machines, lines and sites seamlessly.

Proficy DataMart supports a broad range of production environments around the clock by connecting to multiple Proficy sites locally, regionally and around the world. It removes the need for you to decrypt the complex raw production data and provides your business “one version” of the truth. By leveraging your existing BI infrastructure, Proficy DataMart exposes production information to fit directly into your Data Warehouse and Enterprise Performance Management strategies.

The Questions Proficy DataMart helps you answer:
“How has our focus on certain priorities affected performance in other aspects of the operation? “
“Which sites, machines, products, teams, etc. are the top 10 or bottom 10 on which KPIs? “
“Where do we need to make changes?”
“What are our improvement areas on waste reduction, energy consumption, emissions? “

Example Screens

Proficy Portal Example

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) Example

Microsoft SharePoint

 The Proficy Plant Applications Family

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Proficy DataMart New Features  VERSION 2.1

Alarm Fact Table:

ProficyDataMart2.1 now supports alarms. The Plant Applications server reports on the number, duration, and type of alarms. Alarms populated by iHistorianare not supported in this release. For more information, see "Alarm Fact Table" in the online help.

UTC and Department - Specific Time Zones

Time stamps are adjusted to or from UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) according to the time zone set for a department. For more information, see "Time Zones" in the online help.

Recipe Management (Product Definition)

A Product Definition dimension, corresponding to a recipe, has been added to DataMart. This dimension will be linked to the Production Event fact table in the relational database and cube.

Separate Databases for Plant Applications Production and Reporting

A reporting copy of the Plant Applications database is added that purges the production database to a smaller size. The reporting copy provides near real-time reports that can contain more data than the production copy.

Transactional Replication

Replication removes the load created by the Plant Applications web server from the production database server. A backup copy of the production database is copied to the reporting database.

Enterprise Capability Enhancements

Performance enhancements are provided for Enterprise customers. The enhancements include set-based time slicing, Enterprise configuration support, and parallel package execution. For more information, see "Enterprise Enhancements" in the online help.

Data Source Filtering (Selectivity)

To improve productivity Production Event Time Slicing, User-defined Event Time Slicing, Alarm Time Slicing, the Unit Efficiency Fact Table, and/or the Unit Production Fact Table can be disabled. For more information, see "Selectivity for Data Source Filtering changes" in the What's New topic of the online help.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Support 

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Datasheet Proficy DataMart
Proficy DataMart data sheet
Datasheet Proficy for Manufacturing Discrete
Manufacturing Execution Management Software
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