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Integrated process monitoring, troubleshooting, and process optimization                 

Proficy CSense software monitors both assets and industrial processes to pinpoint causes of process variation and to optimize performance. Leveraging a suite of components, it helps you determine and understand the causes of process deviation in industrial environments—delivering complete and integrated process performance enhancement for a given asset or collection of key performance indicators (KPIs).

Proficy CSense consists of three software editions and one packaged solution, each with a unique focus:

  • Troubleshooter Edition - for offline, ad-hoc, or on-demand process modeling and troubleshooting. It includes the Continuous Troubleshooter and Discrete & Batch Troubleshooters, along with external data connectors, Virtual Campus, and the Action Object Toolkit.
  • Run-time Edition - for the online deployment and monitoring environment. It includes Action Object Services, Virtual Campus, Action Object Toolkit, and the Proficy CSense Report Server (1 User CAL).
  • Developer Edition - for the expert user trained in analytics and/or with software development experience. It includes both the Troubleshooter Edition and Run-time Edition components, and adds the Architect.
  • Process+, a web-based packaged solution for monitoring the performance of thousands of control loops on historical and real-time process data.

Proficy CSense allows you to:

  • Troubleshoot both batch and continuous processes
  • Use state-of-the-art statistical modeling techniques to examine production data from historical or ad-hoc data sources
  • Monitor control loops using an automated solution
  • Analyze KPIs in real time
  • Implement advanced process control solutions
  • Integrate seamlessly with Proficy Historian and Proficy Knowledge Center


  • Optimize and monitor process and equipment performance
  • Improve throughput and quality
  • Reduce raw material usage and operating costs and save energy
  • Have time to troubleshoot, pinpoint causes of variation, and reduct performance variation
  • Help to stabilize control base layer


  • Built-in data preparation, visualization, and easy-to-use machine learning technology for troubleshooting continuous, batch, and discrete processes or equipment
  • Analytic solution development and simulation
  • Run-time environment for deployment of real-time, scheduled, and event-based analytic solutions
  • Integrated and customizable analytic solution reporting
  • API for automated deployment, improved integration, and solution packaging
  • Support solutions for proactive alarming and real-time causal analysis
  • Control loop performance monitoring
  • Real-time set-point optimization and advanced process control

Proficy CSense 5.5

Scaling (Configuration & Deployment)
1st release of Proficy CSense API allowing for programmatic configuration & deployment of CSense Action Objects (run-time solutions)

Integration (Proficy Historian)
Added the ability to sync data back to Proficy Historian

Integration (better support for advanced process control packaged solutions)

Flexible Run-time
Provides support in the Action Object Manager for the event driven execution of action objects, which include Action Object data recipes and blueprints.

Report Services display CSense runtime solution reports in the plant context.

Simplified Licensing and Repackaging
Simplified packaging into 3 editions:

  • Troubleshooter Edition
  • Run-time Edition
  • Developer Edition
  • Also removed server-based licensing

Proficy CSense 5.5 SP1 (a service pack for the 5.5 release)

Support for sharing and reusing analytics in a standard way (via OSA-CBM based interface)

  • Consumes 3rd party analytics in CSense via a standard OSA-CBM wrapped interface
  • Has ability to publish CSense OSA-CBM wrapped analytics for executing in other platforms

Proficy CSense API provides programmatic access to ISV CSense Action Objects for improved integration with other Proficy and 3rd party software.

  Type Title
White Papers Smart Affordable Condition Based Maintenance Tools, Technology and Services
This paper examines the maintenance challenges facing DoD, the goals of the CBM+ initiative, and the revolutionary potential of cloud-based predictive analytics for military maintenance applications.

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