Packet Processing

GE's High Performance Network Processors

At GE Intelligent Platforms, we understand that every microsecond counts. Whether you are processing transactions on the trading floor or performing deep packet inspection for secure network access, our packet processors are engineered to give you the utmost performance. Features such as the fastest Cavium OCTEON processors, board-level diagnostic tools and driver development kits deliver the highest performance and improve your time-to-revenue. In addition, our packet processors are designed for NEBS compliance and have been tested for interoperability, industry certification and regulatory compliance to ensure compatibility and rapid application deployment.

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WANic 6354

Best combination of high-performance and 4-port capabilities.

Host Interface Options
PCIe x4 Gen-2 
OCTEON Silicon
CN6335 AAP 
Max Core Frequency
6 / 1.1GHz 
Max Packet Memory
HFA/DFA Memory
512MB DDR3 
Line Side Ports
4x 1GbE 
SFP Support
External Power Supply

WANic 66512

Highest-performance applications.

PCIe x4 Gen-2 
CN6645 AAP 
10 / 1.3 or 1.5GHz 
512MB DDR3 
2x 10GbE 


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