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Optimize your manufacturing performance

GE's Proficy for Manufacturing software solution delivers the critical production insight you need to cut costs, tighten quality control and speed production. Powered by Proficy Plant Applications software, it delivers holistic performance management, so you can efficiently balance the competing aspects of production.

In fact, Proficy for Manufacturing is what we use in our own manufacturing businesses at GE.

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Lean manufacturing in the age of the Industrial Internet

From Henry Ford's moving assembly line to Taiichi Ohno's Toyota production system, now known as lean production, manufacturers globally have constantly strived to make their operations better. The concept of lean, widely known for its tools to eliminate non-value added processes, has been at the forefront of management for the last five decades.

Lean production has enabled discrete manufacturers to transform their operations to be more efficient, more productive and their businesses to be more profitable. Whether it's frontline workers solving knotty problems, improved scheduling with just-in-time production, or stopping a production line as soon as there's an issue, lean has been about making physical changes to improve operations.

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manufacturing software, MES



GE Manufacturing Software installations, MESOur Proficy MES platform is helping hundreds of companies across the world optimize their manufacturing operations



Manufacturing software, MES, discrete manufacturing

GE's advanced manufacturing execution system (MES)

Capable and reliable - With hundreds of thousands of software installations and a pedigree spanning decades, Proficy is the software of choice for manufacturers that need proven capability and high reliability.

Open and layered – With an open technical architecture and a pricing model that allows you to start small and grow with your business, Proficy enables unparalleled speed of deployment and faster time to value..

Designed for the people who use it - Proficy software helps companies of all sizes and industries work better. It incorporates the best practices of the world's leading companies and is designed to help you stay ahead of the competition.



VIDEO: Smart Manufacturing Model
Customer Story: Listen to Rachel Trombetta, CIO, GE Energy Storage, as she presents innovations in smart manufacturing. The key is the integration of data, people, and machines made possible with GE Proficy software.



Win new business

Proficy for Manufacturing facilitates the collection, tracking and reporting of manufacturing intelligence to the business. This allows you to rapidly respond to changing conditions with up-to-the-minute mission-critical information about production activities across your factory and supply chain.

It provides the critical decision support you need to serve your customers better and grow your business.

Manufacturing software, MES



manufacturing software, MES, OEE softwareWHITE PAPER: The Strategic Importance of Plant Reliability


Maximize Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

The power of Proficy for Manufacturing software makes information visible and actionable. It helps you understand your operations performance down to the individual asset and gain insight into the biggest areas of productivity losses.

This intelligence empowers you to identify and remove constraints for maximized OEE—improving throughput, quality and overall performance and profitability.


Drive manufacturing operational excellence

With GE's Operational Excellence Journey, manufacturers are driving continuous improvements across their operations every day. The journey provides a roadmap for making incremental improvements over time—starting with process visibility for quick wins and scaling up to enterprise-wide integration for a long-term competitive edge.

BROCHURE: Operational Excellence

Connected Manufacturing
- Driving Faster Design to Delivery

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