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Electrical SCADA Made Easy

Built on top of our market-leading iFIX, iPower is an open, standards-based SCADA solution that’s easy to configure and easy to own. It is also scalable from substation automation systems to complex computer networks in larger utility control rooms. With its intuitive operations and simplified maintenance, iFIX with iPower enables you to focus on core operational tasks for a sustainable advantage.

iPower delivers a unique value proposition for Electrical Transmission and Distribution SCADA applications. It combines the strength of Proficy HMI/SCADA - iFIX, with additional functionality including built-in object security, enhanced graphic capability, standard operator interfaces, alarm and event reporting and standard drag and drop electrical utility objects. The iPower option reduces customer development and maintenance costs while delivering an easier to use solution.

iPower is designed for electrical transmission and distribution applications in need of real-time data collection, database management, dynamic data display and secure operator supervisory control. Typical application solutions include: 

Substation Management Solutions

Improve your insight in your substation using the Proficy iPower Substation Management Solution that seamlessly connects to your RTU and IED’s through industry standard protocols. iPower provides full visibility into your real-time and historical operational and non-operational information via secured remote access using the latest web technologies. Additionally, iPower provides easy integration with existing EMS/DMS solutions.

Rural & municipal utility SCADA Solutions

iPower is developed for electric utilities, including rural cooperatives, municipal authorities, independent distribution utilities and integrators, Proficy iPower from GE Intelligent Platforms is a proven SCADA software solution that can improve your utility operation and significantly reduce your SCADA development costs.

In Plant Distribution Solutions

Do you want to run a larger electrical distribution network on your premises? Proficy iPower gives you similar operating capabilities as the larger electrical utility distribution systems but it as easy to setup and maintain as your HMI/SCADA system used in your production environment. Based on Proficy iFix with the required additional functionality to turn your standard HMI/SCADA into an easy to maintain full featured distribution SCADA system.

Transform your existing system or deploy a new one in record time with iPower, from GE Intelligent Platforms.

* For iFIX 4.5 and 5.0


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