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Connectivity solutions that drive results!

GE Intelligent Platforms offers a powerful full featured connectivity solution that is robust, reliable and easy to use. With each of the Proficy I/O Drivers being rigorously quality tested, in our labs, with partners and in the field, you can be assured that your device connections will be reliable and fast.

Proficy I/O Drivers enable powerful data connections to your devices for control, data acquisition, and visualization – fueling innovative software solutions for a sustainable competitive advantage.

The Proficy I/O Drivers offering includes two main components:

  • The Industrial Gateway Server (IGS) OPC Server
  • The HMI/SCADA drivers.

IGS provides OPC based connectivity for the Proficy software suite and the HMI/SCADA drivers provide direct and/or standalone single driver OPC connections into the Proficy HMI/SCADA iFIX & CIMPLICITY packages. These offerings combined include over 175 drivers – enabling connectivity to thousands of mainstream and niche automation devices.

Proficy Industrial Gateway Server (IGS) 

Industrial Gateway Server OPC ServerThis stand alone connectivity package includes a base set of 100 drivers that are based on industry standard protocols and provide connectivity to the world’s most popular devices. With administration, configuration and maintenance being performed through an independent application to that of the connected software, IGS can be used to provide stable, reliable connections to thousands of mixed vendor devices and instruments for any of the Proficy software packages and can be shared with third party applications. In addition, IGS has an optional ‘Premium’ driver package that can be added on top of the base offering which extends connectivity even further.




Proficy HMI/SCADA Drivers

These drivers are based on industry standard and proprietary protocols and are specifically designed for Proficy HMI/SCADA iFIX and or CIMPLICITY -- delivering both integrated and or OPC stand alone single driver options. These drivers deliver the choice of enabling within iFIX or CIMPLICITY systems or operating independently as separate OPC server based instances. Each OPC instance of these drivers connect to a single device type, enabling high-performance dedicated channels for control and visualization.

Search our HMI/SCADA Drivers online here.


  • Proficy Industrial Gateway Server (IGS) v7.5 - IGS 7.5 delivers a basic set of core drivers with an optional premium set that delivers additional specific niche drivers.

    Download the cutsheet here.
  • HMI/SCADA Drivers - These drivers are updated continuously, so please use our online search tool for details on individual driver updates.

    Search our HMI/SCADA Drivers on line here.


  Type Title
Datasheet Proficy for Sustainability Metrics
Proficy for Sustainability Metrics is a software solution that enables viewing your sustainability data to improve your operations.
Brochures E-zine: Say Goodbye to Windows XP!
HMI/SCADA Users: Say Goodbye to Windows XP!
Customer Stories Pfizer Newbridge
Pfizer Newbridge created outstanding business value by moving away from islands of automation using an integrated automation strategy from GE
Customer Stories Pirelli
Powerful visualization for premium tire production at Pirelli Deutschland GmbH – Breuberg location

For Technical Support please visit : support.ge-ip.com.

Or you can also contact GE Intelligent Platforms directly by using one of the following options:

Submit a support case online at: eservice.ge-ip.com
Note: GlobalCare Contract required to submit a support case online for GE Intelligent Platforms Software Products.


Online: eservice.ge-ip.com
Phone: 1-800-433-2682
Email: support.ip@ge.com
Primary language of support: English

Europe, Middle-East, & Africa

Online: eservice.ge-ip.com
Phone: +800-1-433-2682
    +1 780 401 7717 (if the toll free 800 option is unavailable in your country or dialing from a mobile telephone)
Email: support.emea.ip@ge.com
Primary languages of support: English, French, German, Italian, Czech

Asia Pacific

Online: eservice.ge-ip.com
Phone: +86-400-820-8208
   +86-21-3217-4826 (India, Indonesia & Pakistan)
Email: support.cn.ip@ge.com (China)    support.jp.ip@ge.com (Japan)    support.in.ip@ge.com (Rest of Asia)

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