• Computing Platforms

    Computing Platforms

    Ruggedized computing modules, SBCs, communication cards and industrial PCs built on a high performance modular architecture for customers looking to create their own custom solution.

  • Controls Platform

    Control Platforms

    We combined our embedded computing & controls knowledge to deliver CPUs linked to the leading open industrial network and connected to I/O options, for performance, uptime and TCO.

  • Segment Solutions

    Pre-Engineered Solutions

    Optimize asset performance by combining GE platforms with pre-engineered solutions that leverage GE’s broad expertise in Power, O&G, Water & more.

  •  Modernization

    Migration Services

    We have the tools and processes that can help you modernize your installed base to gain a performance edge, comply with new regulations and prevent obsolescence risks while preserving your intellectual property.

connected worldHigh-performance Automation for a
Connected World

 By connecting machines, data, insights, and people, GE Intelligent Platforms is re-defining industrial automation. Our re-imagined product portfolio takes the lessons of the IT revolution, customizes them for the specific requirements of the controls industry, and puts them to work for your business.



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Computing Platforms

Rugged COM Express

  • COM Modules
  • Evaluation Carriers

Single Board Computers

  • ATCA
  • CompactPCI
  • VME

Reflective Memory

  • Nodes
  • Hubs
  • Network Analyzer

Operator Interfaces

  • RXi Operator Interfaces
  • Quick Panel View

Industrial Computers (IPCs)

  • RXi Industrial PC
  • RXi Displays
  • Wolverine HAZLOC PCs

Packet Processing

  • ATCA
  • PCI Express
  • AMC

I/O Cards & Bus Adapters

  • Bus Adapters
  • Bus Expansion
  • Serial I/O
  • On-board Expansion

Control and Communications Systems Catalog


Control Platforms

Programmable Automation Controllers

  • PACSystems RXi Distributed Controller
  • PACSystems RX3i Mid-Range Controller
  • PACSystems RX7i Speciality Controller

Distributed I/O and Remote I/O

  • PACSystems RX3i High Speed I/O
  • VersaMax Distribuded I/O
  • VersaSafe Machine Safety
  • RSTi Slice I/O
  • Genius Block I/O
  • PAC8000 Harsh environment

Motion Control

  • PACMotion
  • VersaMax MicroMotion
  • VersaMotion

Functional & Process Safety

  • Mark*VIes Safety Management System
  • SafetyNet
  • GMR
  • VersaSafe Machine Safety

Operator Interfaces

  • RXi Operator Interfaces
  • QuickPanel View
  • QuickPanel+

Industrial Computers (IPCs)

  • RXi Industrial PC
  • RXi Displays
  • Wolverine HAZLOC PCs


  • Machine Edition
  • Proficy Process Systems
  • Collaborative Automation Portal

Programmable Logic Controllers

  • Durus
  • Quick Panel Control
  • Series 90-30
  • Versamax
  • PAC8000

Control and Communications Systems Catalog


Pre-Engineered Solutions


Modernization Solutions

Looking for:

Military Grade Products

Proficy Software Products



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