Business Process Management Software

Drive lean manufacturing

Improve the efficiency of your plant and empower your workers to do more with less. Our powerful business process management (BPM) solution does just that. It digitizes and streamlines your production processes—from workflow to corrective action—driving lean production and automating information flow for a new level of efficiency.



Turn best practices into standard operating procedures

Powered by Proficy Workflow software, our BPM solution helps capture the knowledge of your expert operators, ensuring that best practices become standard operating procedures (SOPs). It guides your operators to follow SOPs with electronic work instructions for reliable, repeatable process execution.


Increase your plant productivity

Through automated processes and electronic SOPs, you can manage your operations in real time and leverage rapid troubleshooting. Additionally, you can bridge Operations and Management teams and link SCADA and CMMS for real-time, condition-based asset management for higher productivity.

What’s more, our BPM solution delivers sophisticated capabilities in an off-the-shelf offering that uses a single, open platform. So you get seamless integration, and in turn, significant time and cost savings.



Improve product safety in food and beverage manufacturingWHITE PAPER: Improving Traceability With Work Process Management in Food and Beverage Manufacturing


Improve product safety

Our Proficy Workflow software enables you to digitize manual and automated processes with one tool—capturing process, traceability and quality data across systems. You can immediately respond to process variations to reduce errors and ensure quality management. The result: increased consistency and reliability with lower risks for maximum product safety.

  Improve product safety and reduce recallsWith electronic work process management, food manufacturers can automatically trigger non-conformance workflows to manage assignments, inventories, rework, quarantines and recalls.



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