Mission Critical Power & Cooling Solutions

Ensure system reliability at all times

As the costs of system disruption continue to soar, you cannot afford system downtime. GE's at the forefront of emerging high-availability technology solutions that deliver the highest level of system reliability and availability. For you, this means protection against lost productivity and profitability from an unplanned system outage.


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Continuous operations for mission critical facilities

Combining innovative, advanced technologies and deep domain expertise in mission critical power and critical cooling. Our proven solutions enable a comprehensive approach. We integrate high availability control, visualization, and analytics for your essential applications. You can leverage robust backup power and cooling control with seamless connectivity and automated real-time information management to maximize uptime and productivity.



Powering ultra-high availability control

Facilities that seek to virtually eliminate downtime with maximum availability can leverage our unique Quad PAC redundancy high availability solution. Delivering more robust, ultra-high availability compared with traditional redundancy control, it has four redundant controllers. This ensures business continuity by providing uninterrupted control of your applications and processes for "near zero" downtime.  

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Mission Critical Power Solutions
Mission Critical Sequence of Events
Explore the high availability of our PACSystems solution
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Implementing redundant control and monitoring for power systems

Case study
Connecting mission critical operations with reliable power




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