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Mining for profit

We're all painfully aware that the mining industry is experiencing difficult and volatile times. You're facing lower commodity prices, bearish forecasts, increasing costs, and lower productivity. In fact, in 2012, the industry earned the lowest net profit margin since 2003.





Understand the present
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Mine: a confidence crisis, aggregated results of companies, 2012 vs. YA, PwC.



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Squeeze more
value from what you've got

In order to improve margins, the industry is changing focus—from CapEx to OpEx. Analysts all agree-it's time to stop making risky investments and pursuing more volume-and time to start controlling costs and fixing the productivity inefficiencies that grew over the past decade.

GE's mining customers are following this new directive and experiencing a 1-21% increase in asset availability and a 1-10% increase in throughput.

Major mining company increased fleet availability from 70% to 85%.



LANXESS CISA Optimizes Its Complex ­Production Process with Mine ­Performance from GE Predictivity™ .


Mining company improves throughput by more than 5.5%.

Lonmin increases smelter throughput by 10% while improving recovery.


Impala Platinum reduces process variation by 40% with Mine Performance, from GE Predictivity™.


"Getting the most out of your assets is the new priority."

Mine: a confidence crisis, PwC.




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Partner with GE to
improve margins fast

Improve your margins by using  Mine Performance, from GE Predictivity™ (formerly Proficy MaxxMine), a software and services solution delivered through GE's Industrial Performance & Reliability Center (Industrial PRC). An Industrial Internet solution that leverages your historical Industrial Big Data on all fixed and mobile assets and process circuits across all OEMs, the solution attacks both equipment health and process issues, working to eliminate equipment failure and stabilize, standardize, and improve processes at every phase of the mining value chain. The solution improves asset uptime, minimizes variability, optimizes throughput and recovery, and, in the process, reduces energy costs.

A full-service solution, Mine Performance reduces your risk by allowing you to leverage GE's central mining and software expertise to monitor all your local operations, globally. This makes it possible for you to obtain value fast and keep your focus on your core activities.





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Catch of the Week

Performance loss detected on a pump at a mining facility

In mid-May, the Mine Performance solution detected an increase in the speed of a pump at a mining facility. Given load and operational conditions, pump speed was expected to remain around 82% of full speed operation...

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We had to explore all our options to improve our processes and equipment performance to improve productivity. With the Mine Performance solution, we can monitor our entire plant."

- Percy French, Lonmin


Intelligent Platforms Blog

Mining for profit

From listening and participating at our Mining & Metals Summit in South Africa, I certainly understand the pressure in the mining industry more deeply. Our potential customers–many just like you–told us that life is tough…

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Contact a GE Mining expert

Our mining experts can discuss your equipment and process challenges and provide insight on best practices and new technologies to help you achieve your goals. Have a GE Mining Expert contact me.





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