OMAC - Accelerating Continuous Packaging Improvement

Driven by end user demand, packaging machine builders are looking for innovative ways to improve flexibity, capability and reduce system integration costs for their packaging machine solutions. The OMAC Packaging Standards provides a methodology to accomplish this.

What is OMAC?

The Organization for Machine Automation and Control (OMAC) has about 500 members consisting of end users, OEMs, technology providers and system integrator companies. All OMAC members have a vested interest in developing and implementing open control technologies for manufacturing applications. GE Intelligent Platforms is a corporate sponsor of OMAC and is co-chair of the Packaging Technical Advisory Board.

OMAC Advantages:

Standards such as the OMAC PackML state model and PackTags enable manufacturers to perform both horizontal and vertical integration of their packaging machines. The result: faster line rates can be maintained, and improved coordination can reduce the need for buffering conveyance and/or accumulators. Furthermore, these control-layer standards can actually reach well beyond the registers in a control system: by reducing the “forensic” work needed to integrate machines on disparate platforms, PackTags and PackML lay the foundation to easily and consistently interpret the event data that resides in the controllers of packaging lines. And it is this data that powers the root cause analysis needed to identify and engineer out sources of inefficiencies.

GE Intelligent Platforms Advantages:

The Open & Layered approach that GE Intelligent Platforms’ products offer provide customers with multi-vendor connectivity, lower engineering costs, lower capital costs, faster time to development and market, as well as the ability to start small and grow as needed. Manufacturers enjoy more visibility into the packaging area, better control of their manufacturing, ultimately leading to continuous improvement. It also allows companies to drive commonality in their machine control and machine interfaces.

OMAC Packaging Standards:

  • PackTags - Standards for naming conventions and data structures in PAC programs, facilitating deployment and integration of automation programs.
  • PackML - A standardized state model that facilitates machine-to-machine coordination, and simplifies development of visualization and data collection systems that layer on top of machine controls.

OMAC State Model

For more information:

A GE Intelligent Platforms white paper, “Using Controls Standards to Accelerate Continuous Improvement Initiatives: OMAC’s PACKML and PackTags Provide Consistency and Repeatability in Performance Analysis Regimens”




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