The Increased Need for Traceability in Today’s Market

Traceability has always been a requirement for life sciences companies. The review of batch reports and testing of individual batches – and the long hold times that have come with them -- have long been a fact of life.

But recent developments have made the necessity for traceability and genealogy even greater. For one thing, the Sarbanes-Oxley bill of 2002, intended to reform accounting practices and produce accounting transparency in publicly traded companies, has had effects that have reached down to the plant floor. IT systems from ERP down to plant-level process controls have had to be revamped to meet the bill’s requirements. What’s more, the threat of product recalls in recent years has added to an increased need for visibility into your manufacturing process – you have to be able to demonstrate quickly exactly what went into any given batch of product.

GE Intelligent Platforms Production: A Solution for Traceability and More

GE’s Plant Applications Production solution is a powerful software module that provides the end-to-end visibility into your process and products that you need. Part of the larger Proficy Plant Applications Collaborative Production Management suite, Production provides access to the information you need about source, quality, and personnel – from the raw materials to the finished tablet. Get insight into product flow by tracking production against specifications, equipment and schedules. Get access to detailed tracking data for long-term analysis, and comprehensive web analysis and visualization.

What’s more, Production benefits your bottom line, not just your regulatory compliance. With Production, you can make in-process scheduling changes to reduce Work-in-Progress and standing inventory. You get insight into not just the historical path of a product, but exactly where every things stands in real time, so you can make the decisions that boost efficiency and reduce waste.


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