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Telecommunications Solutions

GE telecommunications solutions are engineered specifically to provide the utmost performance for applications such as:

  • 3G/4G wireless
  • Server-based enterprise computing
  • Cloud computing
  • Security gateways

At GE we know that time-to-market is critical and therefore, complement the technical aspects of our high-performance products with world-class expertise and exceptional customer service. We work closely with our customers to ensure that the cost and time of development is as low as possible. Because communications networks are so mission critical, GE products that go into networking equipment live up to high standards of reliability, availability and serviceability.


High Frequency Trading (HFT) Solutions

As a leader in the Packet Processor market, GE understands that the programming flexibility to change your software quickly, low latency, and uptime are essential to your HFT applications. GE packet processing solutions deliver the performance, programmability, and flexibility needed in nimble HFT applications. Our high-performance Packet Processors offer:

  • Tremendous flexibility for faster turnaround time to make software changes incorporating the latest government regulations
  • Lower R&D cost by using off-the-shelf processor such as the fastest Cavium OCTEON™ II, and software
  • Lower cost of solution maintenance via off-the-shelf hardware and software, plus GE world-class expertise and exceptional customer support

Solutions for:



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