Data Management & Data Analytics | Oil & Gas

Improve reliability, availability, and efficiency. And keep your operations safe.

Operational excellence begins with understanding your data. You need to capture, store, contextualize, and visualize real-time information—and make it available to the right people at the right time to enable the right decisions.

Optimize processes and equipment health

GE has a full suite of advanced, proven, and integrated data management and data analytics software products, starting with the Proficy Historian and including GE's Proficy SmartSignal predictive analytics and diagnostics. With GE software, everybody in the decision-making process—engineering, operations, C-level, and more—can have access to the specific, role-based information they need to do their jobs….and optimize every aspect of processes and equipment health.


Webinar: Avoid Equipment Surprises (56:12)


See it before it happens

With both the right enterprise data management foundation and additional monitoring software, our Oil & Gas customers anticipate impending problems before they happen. They shift from costly reactive maintenance to efficient planned maintenance. They focus on fixing problems, not looking for them. They increase efficiency by improving reliability and availability. And they keep their operations safe.

Watch the "Avoid Equipment Surprises" webinar to learn how BP Alaska, NiSource, and Alyeska are using our Proficy SmartSignal software. They share how the technology works and examples of its success.



Detect, diagnose, and prioritize emerging performance and reliability problems.


Focus your maintenance efforts.


Maximize and leverage resources.


Collaborate across disciplines and geographies.


Standardize across all critical equipment and across the fleet.


Keep your operations safe.


The customer perspective

The Proficy SmartSignal software identifies virtually all major equipment and process failures on all critical rotating and non-rotating equipment across all OEM's. These case studies show examples in upstream, midstream, and downstream.


Export compressor
instability detection

  Finding compressor
problems earlier
  Identifying heat exchanger problems by modeling compressors

Monitoring & Diagnostic Center

Some of our Oil & Gas super major customers use our in-house remote monitoring and diagnostic center, the Availability & Performance Center, to provide monitoring services, instead of doing it themselves. We highlight weekly examples of impending problems that the center identifies for these customers in our "Catch of the Week" reports.

Some of our customers want to develop their own monitoring and diagnostics centers to use the GE data analytics software themselves. The Framework for a Centralized Monitoring & Diagnostic Center white paper describes how to go about it.


Catch of the Week

Each "Catch of the Week" reports a problem identified early, its cause, and its value to the customer. Here are a few examples:


Failed lube oil cooler on offshore oil platform

Faulty fuel valve found on a CNG engine at a natural gas compression facility

Liquid entrainment detected on a reciprocating compressor at refinery





Proficy Historian
Enterprise-wide data collection engine.


Proficy Historian Analysis
Web-based visualization.

Proficy SmartSignal
Predictive analytics and diagnostics.


Proficy Real-Time Information Portal
Manufacturing intelligence.



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