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Automation today is way tougher than before, going beyond just machine control. From controlling your machines to managing assets to enabling your workforce, addressing today's challenges in oil and gas is a complex task. You need a partner that has scale and products that connect together easily and grow with your needs. But that's not all. You need solutions that help you predict the future—to proactively see problems across your operations before they happen.

Safety risks

Difficult operating environments

Changing workforce

Disparate data
and information

Expensive mission-critical assets

Intelligent Oil and Gas Operations

GE is that partner. We understand your industry like no other. And our proven portfolio of oil and gas products—from field controls to advanced predictive monitoring—work together to deliver the performance you need to stay ahead. With our expertise and Industrial Internet-enabled solutions, oil and gas companies are transforming their business performance. They're getting smarter and pushing the boundaries on asset and operational optimization.

Asset Monitoring

Proficy Historian


SIL Rated Controllers


Industrial Computers



No Unplanned Downtime

GE's Industrial Performance and Reliability Center (IPRC) combines our experts, processes, and technology to monitor, diagnose, predict, and optimize our customers' critical equipment and processes—worldwide.

With our advanced data-management, visualization, and analytics software—and the people trained to use it—you can target zero unplanned downtime.

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Solving problems before they happen

Sign up for the "Catch of the Week" Each "catch" is a customer success story that describes an equipment problem that our IPRC identified early by using our Proficy Monitoring & Analysis Suite software—and the benefits the customer received.

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Turn Data into Insight


Turn data into actionable information

With dispersed assets onshore and offshore, you need to monitor, manage and distribute tremendous volumes of field data—from the wellheads to the control room and data at the enterprise level. Our Proficy Historian Analysis software helps maximize the value of your data with powerful analytics. Thus, you can make decisions better, faster and smarter.

"You need to lay the foundation. That's not as sexy as the analytics that have an impact on your balance sheets. However, if you have the foundation set up, your ability to accelerate up that value continuum increases exponentially."


Jim Walsh, General Manager,
GE Intelligent Platforms, Software and Services

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Proficy Historian: Better data = better decisions

Operational excellence begins with understanding your data. A powerful enterprise-wide data historian, our Proficy Historian software delivers meaningful context to vast amounts of raw data from across your oil and gas operations. Addressing your challenge of disparate data, it aggregates islands of information for true process visibility. And it feeds higher-level operations management systems with accurate, real-time information.

The Advantages of Enterprise Historians

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Enabling Your Workforce

The face of the O&G workforce is changing drastically. And so are the tools needed to support them. With demand for anytime anywhere access to information, especially on tablets and smartphones, mobile solutions for the workforce are not a luxury but a critical necessity.

That's where GE's Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) comes in. Our RtOI solution empowers workers by delivering the right information to the right people at the right time. It turns vast amounts of raw data into simple, actionable knowledge, so your workforce can share more info in context and at all levels of your organization—from the control room to the oil fields.

The result: an empowered workforce and higher productivity.

Real-time Operational Intelligence Leveraging mobility and analytics

Wolverine III

Maximum reliability with our rugged, field serviceable, sunlight-readable ATEX Zone 2 flat panel computer.

Ideal for harsh oil and gas environments, our Wolverine III is a rugged flat-panel computer engineered to deliver utmost performance, at all times, under any condition.



Quick Panel+

The new GE QuickPanel+ is more than an operator interface. QuickPanel+ integrates control and view plus allows you to archive data. This powerful combination puts big data and instant insight at your fingertips while reducing system complexity and cost. Plus it features a capacitive touchscreen, full browser, multimedia access, built-in controller drivers and a single programming environment. Experience new levels of uptime and performance with the new QuickPanel+.

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Control in the most difficult environments


Where extreme areas of operation are often the norm, you can count on GE Intelligent Platforms' industry expertise and automated equipment to operate with utmost safety, reliability and certainty in any conditions.

Powerful. Reliable. And Innovative. Check out our functional and process safety solutions:

SIL 3 - Mark* VIeS Safety Management System



Our proven, reliable, and robust solution with built-in cyber security for plant emergency shutdown, burner management, and fire and gas-critical control applications.





SIL 2 – PAC8000 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)



A unique wellhead monitoring and control solution that enables you to monitor, diagnose and maintain your utility assets—even in the most hazardous environments. And the capabilities of our SIL 2 functional safety system deliver reliable control and safety on a common platform.





PLC and Edge Devices



A range of controllers specifically targeted at process industries and designed to operate in the harshest and most hazardous environments, delivering precise control and bump-less redundancy to ensure process optimization and availability.





Mark* VIe Control System



Fast, flexible power that is ready when you need it

Our Mark* VIe control system is the brain in the TM2500+ Aeroderivative gas turbine generator set. The TM2500+ can support you reach your electrification goals, provide bridge power solutions for growing demand, bring power to remote areas, respond quickly to urgent power situations.

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Application Map



    Increase measurement accuracy and process control

    Locally view and manage the all of your critical operational parameters with our sun light viewable, ruggedized HMI solution.

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  • VENUS2


    Increase uptime and reliability with integrated safety and control

    As exploration moves into more remote locations, safe and effective centralizedremote management are critical. Increasing uptime in both new and existing fields while reducing capital and operational expenditures to increase return on investment can deliver a strategic competitive advantage.

    Learn about our Wellhead Monitoring and Control solution


    Increase enterprise visibility into critical parameters

    Monitor, manage and distribute tremendous volumes of field data—from the wellheads to the control room. Moving from data acquisition to complete integration of real-time enterprise information enables better decision making and faster responsiveness.

    See how operators can maximize the value of information
  • MOON


    Turn data everywhere into actionable knowledge

    Real-time operational intelligence (RtOI) empowers businesses to intelligently transform vast amounts of data into actionable information — accessible anywhere, anytime, especially on tablets and smartphones.

    Discover the power of RtOI


    Drive safety, quality and productivity in the harshest environments

    Our PAC8000 SafetyNet TUV certified SIL 2 functional safety system, which combines control and safety on a single, scalable platform—delivering a critical advantage for FPSOs. It has received Lloyd’s Register approval for environmental categories ENV1, ENV2 and ENV3.

    Learn more about PAC8000
  • SUN


    See it before it happens

    With both the right data management foundation and monitoring software, our customers can anticipate impending problems before they happen. This enables the shift from costly reactive maintenance to efficient planned maintenance.

    Watch our "Avoid Equipment Surprises" webinar
  • SUN2


    Make the most of your machine data

    Powered by GE’s leading Proficy software and rugged RXi IPCs, our Equipment Insight solution enables OEMs to better understand how customers use their machines. It also helps end users optimize asset performance, processes and profitability.

    Learn more about this Industrial Internet solution
  • SUN3


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    Each "catch" is a customer success story that describes an equipment problem that the center identified early for a GE customer by using our Proficy Monitoring & Analysis Suite software—and the benefits the customer received.

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  • SUN4


    Reach remote oil fields and monetize gas flaring

    GE’s TM2500+ solution can significantly reduce diesel consumption, costs, and greenhouse gas emissions by converting well head petroleum gas into power. The TM2500+ offers mobility and flexibility for onsite power generation.

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  • SUN5


    Understand your operations with deep visibility

    Determine the root cause of process upsets to drive fast resolution and continuous improvements. Visibility enables real-time decision support and continuous process improvements.

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Customer Stories and white papers

Customer Story

Remote Oilfield Control and Safety

Find out how oil and gas producers reliably manage remote operations under harsh conditions with GE's integrated control and safety system.

Customer Story

BP Case Study

Learn how GE's predictive analytic software identifies a gas compressor thrust position instability problem on a BP offshore drilling & production facility, avoiding major machine damage and compromised performance.

Customer Story

Refinery Case Study

Discover how GE's software helps identify heat exchanger problems by modeling compressors at a refinery, ensuring optimal performance of critical equipment.

Customer Story

Pipeline Case Study

Find out how a pipeline company saves $2.6 million in four months and gains critical insight into maintenance prioritization with GE's predictive analytics.


Achieving Optimal Returns for Wellhead Operations

Explore how oil and gas companies can leverage Industrial Internet-enabled technologies to optimize wellhead control for increased production uptime, increased asset performance, and lower total cost of ownership.




Transform your oil and gas business

Wherever oil and gas extraction, storage, transportation or processing takes place, GE Intelligent Platforms is there. With deep industry expertise and decades of experience in high-performance Industrial Internet-enabled technology, services and support, GE understands the challenges you face. And no matter how complex, we've got the solutions to address them.

Utmost productivity. No unplanned downtime. Improved safety. You can achieve it all with more intelligent oil and gas operations—powered by GE.


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Equipment Insight from GE Predictivity™

Improve asset performance and uptime with Equipment Insight, our Industrial Internet solution for data collection, analysis and management of distributed OEM fleets. Powered by GE's leading Proficy* software and rugged RXi IPCs (industrial computers), it securely collects and analyzes fleet data to deliver insight into your machines.

Hence, you can optimize your asset performance, processes and profitability.


Equipment Insight, from GE Predictivity™



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