It is almost impossible to exaggerate the importance of high speed networking in most embedded applications.

Communications networks are the backbone of the modern world – everything comes back to the network, whether you are involved in telecommunications, medicine, manufacturing or the military. Our role is to provide you with the hardware and software you need; to deliver it quickly and cost effectively; and to ensure that it complies with the quality and requirement of the markets in which it will be used.

With dozens of embedded Ethernet switches and NICs in multiple form factors, our NICS and NETernity Ethernet Switches fit just about any application.

Our Reflective Memory networking solutions are venerable workhorses for Industrial networking and simulation applications. They are often the best, and sometimes the only viable solutions for distributed simulation, training and process control applications requiring tightly timed performance.


Communications Solutions Brochure

View and download GE Intelligent Platforms Communications Solutions Brochure

Military Communications Brochure

This 8-page brochure details GE's leadership in the design and manufacture of communications electronics and subsystems that enable and secure the connected warfighter.


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